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Dhiman construction work

Welcome to Dhiman Construction Work Page. I created this page on my construction work. I will upload images of whatever house construction work will be done and I will continue to share my experience with you about that work. In this page, you can find information about house plan, house design, brick work, house foundation, marble work, and tiles work.


                         House construction work Images, house plan Images

House construction work Images, marble work Images

 What you are seeing is the work of a house ramp.Which is designed by working marble. This ramp is made in white and black in two colors, if you want to make it, then for this we have to bring black granite marble and we also need nano white marble. If we talk about its strength, then it is very strong, because the garnet marble which is we are to set is very strong.

House construction work Images, tile work images with design
This is bathroom tile design, this design is simple design and also have a new tile design. its a medium size bathroom but we apply this design to all size bathrooms. Tile Design is plan with cream tiles but washing area making with different color tile design.With which it looks quite good.   

House construction work Images, house elevation images and house front

This is a house elevation front design. it is a double story house plan. its look modern and attractive. Its design is made of different types of materials. Which makes it very beautiful. 


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