how to make cement mortar. types of cement mortar, how many ratios of cement mortar

what is cement mortar

Cement mortar is a compound made by selecting an aggregate with a mixture of sand and a specified amount of water. Mortars can be used for many applications, such as plastering bricks or other forms of masonry.
cement mortar

Cement mortar
also makes an excellent medium to create a smooth surface for walls made of bricks and other forms of masonry. The mortar is applied with the use of a trowel and then smoothed into position.

Cement mortar is a homogenous paste of cement, sand and water. Different cement mortars are obtained by mixing different ratios of cement and sand. To prepare cement mortar, cement and sand are properly mixed in a dry condition. Water is added slowly and mixed using a shovel. The water should be free from dirt and other impurities.
cement mortar
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Uses of Cement Mortar

For tying masonry units like stone, brick, block, cement
To make them impervious to plastering on walls and slabs.
To fill cracks and joints in the wall.
The use of cement mortar gives a clean finishing work for wall and concrete work.
To indicate masonry joints.
To prepare building blocks.

Work types of cement mortar 

Plaster Mortar ( 1 :3 Ratio )

Sand and cement are mixed in many ways which are used for different purposes. Cement mortar is mixed according to work like if we make a part of cement in 3 pieces of sand, then we can do it to plaster the walls. (Cement 1: 3 sand) By doing this kind of mortar, the plaster is very good and the plaster strength is also strengthened. If we use a lighter mortar than this, then later we can get the problem. Because plaster of light mortar can crumble. Therefore the mortar of the plaster should always be kept in the correct proportion.
cement mortar
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Masonry Mortar ( 1:5 ) and ( 1:7)

We need to mix cement and sand in the ratio of 1: 5 to make masonry mortar. There are also many types of masonry mortar, such as if we make a single brick wall then it will have a different mortar and if we make a double brick wall, it will have a different proportion of mortar. The mortar appears to be slightly lighter in the widest wall and the thinner wall has more cement mortar.
In a single brick wall the mortar is mixed in the ratio of 1: 5 and the width of this wall is 5 inches. This type of wall is made indoors.
Cement and sand are added in the ratio of 1: 7 for double wall ie width of wall. The width of this wall is 10 inches. It is a solid wall.

Foundation Cement mortar (1:9 Ratio)

For house foundation we can also apply very light mortar because the width of the wall in the foundation is very high, if we do the mortar wall we will mix in it in the ratio of 1: 9.

Cement Mortar for Marble and Tiles (1:4 Ratio)

The mortar used to apply marble and tile must also be properly mixed. The method of preparing it may vary from work to work. But in mostly marble work, a mortar of 1: 4 is used. A mortar of 1: 4 ratio is also very good for tile work. We can use this cement mortar only to lay the floor, but if we apply tiles or marble walls, then there is a different type of mortar which we also call adhesive. Adhesive mortar is specially used for applying tiles, it has more strength than cement mortar.

How to Mix Cement mortar

To mix cement mortar, we will get sand and cement according to the ratio and mix it well and filter this mixer, which fills the big stones between it and makes the mortar very clean. By filtering the mortar, this mixture also becomes very good. And it also becomes very easy to apply. After this, we can use mortar by adding water according to the work in it.
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