How to do house construction work. Best Easy Method for Construction Work.

House Construction work

This article is for those who want to do their home construction work and do the construction work. We have come out with some tips for house construction work.
First of all, we need a house map, according to which we do construction work. And after that we will need the material that is needed to do the construction work. The person who is doing the construction work has done all the tools which are necessary to do the work.
The construction work goes through several steps. Those who complete a house are ready. In which all these steps are included - the foundation work of the house, the construction of the walls of the house, the roof of the house, then the first floor work, the plastering of the entire house and then the work of the floors.

Construction work
bricks work

House foundation

To get the foundation of the house, we will first have to put the soil under the map according to the map. If we dig it the deeper we get, the stronger our house
Became After that we have to fill the foundation with BRICKS after measuring whatever wall we want to build. To do bricks work, the first thing we need to do is to fill it a little bit wider and then we will dilute it, so that what happens is that our house becomes strong. This is the right way to build the foundation of the house. After this, when all the walls come to the level of the ground floor, then we will make planth Bhim on all the walls. A Bhim is a type of concrete wall. In this way we can work as the foundation of the house.
Construction work
bricks work wall

Construction of house walls

We need bricks, cement, sand to make the walls of the house. First of all, we will thoroughly moisten the bricks and then start to apply the bricks with mortar, which is the work of a mechanic. The mortar we use when building the walls has met well. This makes a difference in the strength of the wall. Remember, the thickness of the house should be according to the map, many times we make the walls thinner for cost cutting, so that our house does not become as strong. The sows that are on the side of the house while building a house should always be thick. What happens from this, the beans that are excessive due to rain in the house are not excessive. In addition to this, we should also put Bhim on the wall according to the house map.
House Construction work
roof shutring

Roof of house

Friends, the roof of the house is an important stage in the house construction work, on which we should pay special attention. When our walls are complete, they mean that they go on the roof, after that our job is to do shutring. To do shutring, we should always do clean material, which will leave our roof nice. Laval should be given special attention while doing shutring, if our shutring is seen without lvl then the roof will not come out good. For strengthening the roof, it should be worn as per the house map. The concrete material in the roof should also be mixed properly. The thickness of the roof should not always work from 6 inches.
In this way, the work of the first floor of the house will be done like we have understood below. Will be formed in the same way. One thing we have to pay special attention to is the strength of the work and the second should be a mason and a good map.
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