How many types of marble, best marble types in detail

Types of Marble

We all want to know how many types of marble are there. If we look at the categories of marble, then there are many in the whole world. But we will know about some of the marbles which are seen more.

Calcutta marble

Starting with the most famous of them, Calcutta marble is considered the most luxurious marble type, mainly because of its rarity. These rocks are often mistaken for Carrera marble because of the two colors of marble and the intrinsic harmful similarities.
It is excluded from the same area of ​​Carrera Marble, Italy. However, there are some differences that can help differentiate the two types of marble. For example, Calcutta marble has a dark and dense brain pattern and a bright white color. On the contrary, the Carrera is also white, but has a wonderful gray pattern. Calcutta marble is at the highest level of marble due to its rarity.

Calcutta Michelangelo Marble

Another subclass of Calcutta marble is Calcutta Michelangelo marble, which usually has a delicate, brownish color against a regular white background. Calcutta Michelangelo is generally preferred in the design plans at least.

Calcutta Borgini Marble

Calcutta Bourgini is a marble type that is a unique, dense, gray pattern with a gold accent work against a continuous white background.

Calcutta Cristola Tedecchi 1

Calcutta This subtype of marble has a more neutral tone, most of which are white and white (usually brown or black) veins that run in the marble.

Calcutta Cristola Tedecchi 2

The marble in Calcutta is similar to the Tedachi 1, except that the marble marks and veins are darker.

Calcutta Gray

The subtype of this marble is named after its gray-white marble and subtle, light-brown veneer.

Emperor Marble

The subtype of this marble is named after its gray-white marble and subtle, light-brown veins.
Emperor marble is a type of light or dark brown Spanish marble. Brown colors are perfectly appreciated by the white and gray asymmetric veneing patterns. It usually exhibits a fine grain with irregular veins.

Black Marble

black marble do prakar aata hai levadia black marble and the nero marquina marble.

Levadia Black Marble

Levadia Black Marble is a type of Greek marble and comes in dark black with gray-white complex veins in the form of a smoke-stained FH. Due to its rich black color, it is also known as titanium black marble

Nero Marikina marble

Nero Markina marble, also known as Nero marble, is a rock that diminishes in color intensity and unparalleled strength.
The Nero Marikina marble can also feature irregular white lines on its surface. This black marble, originally made from the Basque country, is actually Spanish.

White Marble

  • White homeowners are a popular choice for marble because it can be used with almost every type of marble.
  • Blanco Macaulay is a subcategory of white marble which has consistency in white color and is defined by the long white background of white and blue.
  • Blanco Ibiza marble is a type of white marble known for its strength and simple tones that have been painted on top of marble with its gray markings.
  • Blanco Tranco Marble is known for its dark gray veins, known as white macaw marble substitutes.
  • Blanco Carrera is originally from Italy, most notably the Alpine region. White Carrera is undoubtedly one of the most admired marbles in the world, and is regarded as a symbol of quality and diversity.
  • It is mainly used indoors, especially for bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

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