Best bathroom tile ideas and modern bathroom tile,small bathroom tiles design.

Bathroom tile ideas and tile design

I am a believer that tiles are something you absolutely invest in and not everyone agrees with me but I have to bear it here. If you put the towel and towel rails aside for a moment, these are actually the tiles that make the first impression when you go to the bathroom. So not only do you have to look at a lot of bathroom tile ideas to make sure you get the room of your dreams, but you should install your tiles professionally by professional bathroom tilers. Run your Reno smoothly.

For our renovation, I searched high and low for my bathroom tile inspiration which is not only small but also kind of strange with an opaque ceiling. From different floor tile designs to wallpapers, I've seen it all and want to share the latest in my collection of bathroom tile ideas.

Before we dive into the beautiful pictures (or scroll ahead if you are all here), let's take a quick look at what's important when looking at the bathroom tile design.

Bathroom tiles design

Bathroom tile ideas and tile design
modern tile design

This is a modern tile design. It is a vitrified tile design that looks very nice. There are two types of tiles to give the design. It has a combination of two colors dark brown and cream. The size of the cream color tile is (1 * 4 feet) and the size of the dark brown tile (0.6 * 4 feet) is given. This tile design is perfect for large bathrooms. The height of the tiles has also been extended to the entire roof.To make the design of the tiles better, grooves have been given in it and different colors of poxies have been filled in the groves.

Bathroom tile ideas and tile design
bathroom tile design

This design itself looks very modern and simple design. In this design, the washing area is made of a different color by applying cream color tiles. And it looks very good. Washing area tiles are given in brown color. We can apply this design in any size bathroom. The size of cream color tile is (24*12 inch) and size of dark brown tiles (32*6 inch). The bathroom has been put up to full, if you want, you can also put some work on it, but the higher it will be, the better it will look.Groves have also been given in the tile of the washing area, in the grove we can fill any other color, which makes it look quite attractive.

Bathroom tile ideas and tile design
simple tiles

This tile design is also a wolf design. It has a plan cream tile of 4 * 2 feet size. Which has been given space. A different color is filled in the space. This bathroom has a manually constructed box. Whom we can use to keep bath items. More color tiles have been put in this box. The tile that has been planted is vitrified. One of the biggest advantages of applying vitrified tile is that it is strong.

Bathroom tile ideas and tile design
plane tiles design

This design is a simple tile design and its creamic tile design.  These tiles are of the same size and have been fitted with groves. These are vitrified tiles, giving a space between cream tiles, the brown color grout is filled. Tile size is 1 * 4 feet. Very good design.

Bathroom tile ideas and tile design
gray color tile design

These gray color tiles are simple plan designs. This is a vitrified tile. Which has been planted by Groves. The size of the tiles is 1 * 4 feet. J is for those who want a plain plane and simple design.

Bathroom tile ideas and tile design
small bathroom tiles

For those who cannot afford more money and want to put tiles in their bathroom, this design is for them. This design is a simple design made for small bathrooms. If we want, we can take many different types of designs in tiles of this size. And there are also many types of colors in them. We can also call it a cheap tile design.

Here are the types of bathroom tile materials

Did you know there are different types of tiles? That's right, it wasn't the first idea in my mind when I started looking, but it's something you definitely should know about so you know the pros and cons of each.

1. Porcelain Tiles

They are expensive but more durable than porcelain clay tiles such as ceramic tiles, so they are less likely to be chipped and better suited for heavy use areas such as bathroom floors. Another great addition to Porcelain is the design's flexibility, so they can come in a range of colors, finishes, sizes and styles. Your options are endless.

2. Marble tiles

Is there anything more permanent or marvelous than marble? The answer is no! After all, who has not heard of the beauty of Calcutta marble. However, this is not the best option when it comes to yes or no waist pockets. This is because of a very soft stone (although if the source is closer to Italy or Greece = better quality) it means that it is modifiable so it is not good for floors and wet areas. For example, if you dye your hair, the paint may stain marble, which is not ideal at all! Or worse, as the marble contains iron content, it can make itself rusty and colorful. So protect this beautiful look for a low humidity environment.

3. Ceramic Tiles

They are made of the same material as porcelain but they are less granular, which means they are not. But you can seal them properly and it becomes very durable.

4. Limestone

Using limestone in a bathroom requires a lot of sealing as they are quite dense. If you want a soft natural look, you can't do anything better than limestone.

5. Slate tiles

For high traffic zones, it's almost impossible to sketch, sketch or chip. As a natural stone, this is quite expensive but it will not be outdated from the design standpoint and will not need to be maintained on a regular basis. This is a great choice for a bathroom if you are happy to use it.

6. Vinyl

This is a low cost option and very practical, meaning it is very easy to clean and will not crack (perfect for children in the home area). The installation cost is much less than porcelain or ceramic but it does not have a beautiful finish to the tiles.

Okay, now for the most beautiful pictures ... let's start with the tile shape
I love that you can get tiles in all different shapes and sizes these days. This allowed the bathroom design to be rather cookie cutter standard and push the boundaries of the design.

7. Hexagon Tiles

One of the first alternative sizes in the market is the hexagon tile. Nowadays you will see them everywhere and in all shapes and sizes. They look especially good with beautiful bold colors.

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