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How to work Building foundation construction

A foundation is a lower part of a building structure that converts its gravity weight to the ground.
Foundations are generally divided into two categories: shallow foundations and deep foundations.
How to work Building foundation construction
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A tall building must have a robust foundation if it's to face for an extended time. To make a foundation,  we usually dig a trench in the ground, digging deeper and deeper until we get to the clay soil, which is more solid than the topsoil used to grow plants and crops. When the ditch is deep enough, we fill it with any strong, hard material we will find. Sometimes we pour concrete into the trench, which we first reinforce by inserting long thin round pieces of steel into the trench. When the concrete dries, the steel acts like a bone in our body to connect the foundation. We call it more solid. Once the foundation is completely hardened, or you dry out, we can begin building the building's superstructure.

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How to work Building foundation construction

Building foundation tips

  • To work as foundation building, we have to first dig up the ground to hard layer. The foundation construction work starts with this step.
  • In the next step, we will do lvl in foundation so that our foundation will be uniform from all four sides.
  • After this we will start filling the foundation with construction material. Construction material like that bricks, sand, concrete and concrete mixers.
  • The building foundation should always be wider than the bottom, which will make it stronger. While installing the foundation, you must take advice your civil engineer, as the civil engineer says, the foundation work should be done in the same way.
  • We also made Pilar together with those given in the house plan. Pillar should always be made from slab in the right way, the way we make the foundation wider than below, similarly the pillar should also be widened below.
  • While filling the foundation, keep measuring it so that it will go straight away, it will not make any difference.
  • As we move up the foundation, we will reduce its width. We will continue to do this up to the level of the floor. The width of the foundation should be the same as the width we want to make the wall.
  • After putting the foundation in lvl, we put plinth bhim on it, so that its strength goes on much. It is very important to make this plinth bheem without it the building will not be strong. The plinth Bhima is a concrete beam which is formed from concrete by structuring it with a iron and forming a part of a similar shape.
  • There should not be any kind of cost cutting in the building foundation because the foundation of the building is main part of building.

In this way, we can do the foundation of the building, to do it in such a good way, we should walk with the advice of the civil engineer, so that we can make the foundation in a perfect way.

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